At Ease

by Easy Evans

Released 09/29/2010
Evans Ez Listening, LLC
Released 09/29/2010
Evans Ez Listening, LLC
Soul-stirring melodies, infectious production, and heartfelt self-penned lyrics, D.C.’s Easy Evans is breathing new life back to
R&B with his feel good extended play
  • 04:23 Story Lyrics At Ease


    Verse 1


    Throughout all the day

    Takes you form the very thing to get the work complete

    Though you know

    The odds are at stake

    You feel like you can balance and play around, be in a crowd

    Then back to your space

    The way you spend your time

    Club hop shop or dine

    People will be

    Time consuming

    Always coming at you

    When it comes to reality

    Choose responsibly

    Mind matter you’ll see

    I plan to put you at ease



    Happy with what I do

    So nice to share with you

    I don’t mind spending my time

    Pen and pad to song write

    So stress relieving

    Ideas out of my head

    Listen if you will

    To something you can feel

    It’ll put you at ease


    Verse 2

    No matter what mood or state you wanna be

    Music’s for the mind and soul thoughts in harmony

    Day is good or bad

    Your ability

    Relax breathe control and feel the melody

    The way that you spend your time

    And want to unwind

    You feel free

    To listen to me

    And the people round you

    Put in this CD

    Prop up your feet

    If you’re at home or your jeep

    I plan to keep you at ease




    Verse 3

    So much going on in the world now today

    War recession illness and clogged up mental space

    No telling how much negative you face

    Hoping to get over

    At the end of the day

    The way that you spend your time

    With people you like your kind

    These things to me


    Reinforce a good dream

    Just think reality

    But choose responsibly

    In the end you’ll see

    You will be at ease



  • 04:36 Story Lyrics It's True


    It’s thoughts of you

    All day

    At work

    It’s that smile

    In my car

    Going where

    Near or far

    That laugh

    Those words

    So soothing

    On my mind

    You question

    But it’s true


    Verse 1

    You feel that I always want my way

    Times together not often you say

    How can I demonstrate that?

    I’m no maniac

    Working at a deal

    To pay the bills

    So you can chill

    We’ll spend our time

    Must I remind?

    You’re on my mind

    Feels so right

    Not selfish to conclude

    It’s really all about you

    Next issue to discuss

    Believing in us




    Verse 2

    Pay attention to my actions babe

    I’m constantly calling

    Cause texting ain’t my thang

    End of my busy day

    I stop by your place

    Just to see you

    And to touch you

    Put you in my view

    With quality time

    Will be just fine

    You’re on my mind

    Don’t be so blind

    Planning to spend time with you

    Try and schedule some things to do

    I never questioned us

    Do I have your trust?



    Even through my hectic day (My hectic day, such a long day)

    Knowing that I have you I’m okay (I will be just fine with you on my mind)







  • 04:25 Story Lyrics Not to Late

    It’s Not To Late



    It’s not to late to pursue

    What you thinking

    Go and do what you choose

    Put past behind you


    Verse 1

    You been thinking for so long

    About a feeling so strong

    Yet still you hold on, (to excuses)

    Time to turn your mind around

    Self-defeat kept you down

    Now you’ve been waiting

    Set a goal (time to do it)

    What’s your plan (write a list)

    Draw the line (mean it)

    Take a stand (fight for it)

    Might get hard (it gets easy)

    Going thru (you’ll get better)

    Time for you (now and never)

    Your decision




    Verse 2

    Procrastination time moved on

    I couldn’t take it anymore

    When how was I gonna do this, clueless

    Then I made up my mind

    Felt the timing was right

    Cause I’ve been waiting

    I set my goal (put you at ease)

    Devised my plan (called a friend)

    Took a chance (because I can)

    It was a challenge

    Now I’m with you (vocally)

    Up on stage I want to be

    Ma & Pa’s sell my CD’s

    I can do this




    Verse 3

    People have a lot to say

    Pay no mind, do your way

    You’ll be happy end of day if

    You get

    To achieve you believe

    Your faith to reach

    They’ll still be hating

    What you did

    To get ahead

    Ignore the hype

    It’s your life

    As long as you

    Are good with you

    Satisfy you

    You can do it



    And now you hear me

    I hope you feel me

    And you can see me

    I hope you see me

    Sincerely, Sincerely Easy 



    Adlib out 

  • 04:29 Story Lyrics Let Loose


    At the after work spot

    Heading out to the parking lot

    Jump in the ride about a quarter to nine

    We gone party until the sunshine



    Verse 1

    When you go out to a party

    You have to go with somebody

    Or meet some old friends

    Or new friends

    Just be social while you

    Check out the scene its inviting

    Large or small crowd you still try it

    Go and have a good time

    Leisure time

    It’s so easy to do when you



    Dance drink, let loose

    Watch think, let loose

    Booty shaking, let loose

    Participate, let loose

    Gather round, let loose

    Got to be down, let loose

    Coolest around, let loose

    Want to see you, let loose


    Verse 2

    DJ is pumping your tunes

    Seems like it’s played just for you

    See your fingers get to snap

    Dip in your back

    As you move to the center of the room

    Now everyone can see you

    Want to see what you gone do

    It party time, wild out time

    Come on and bust them moves





    Give me a different scene

    From my normal routine

    And let me just do my thang

    Let me just do my thang

    You know I’m a do my thang

    About a quarter to nine leave the stress behind

    Promise you’ll be just fine

    Promise you’ll be just fine

    Let loose and you’ll be just fine




  • 04:19 Story Lyrics May I


    Verse 1

    After all this time

    In my life

    I feel so at ease

    With you by my side

    And after a long stressful day

    You’re so calm

    You listen well to me

    Can we share these vows?



    May I have your hand?

    Put on your wedding band

    Show you I can

    Make you secure and stable

    Take my hand?

    Put on your wedding band

    Show you I can

    Make you secure and stable


    Verse 2

    You sacrificed you showed me how

    Things ought to be

    You stay up with me

    When works not complete

    Now it’s clear to see

    The little things

    What you do for me

    Makes me happy



    May I have your hand?

    Put on your wedding band

    Show you I can

    Make you secure and stable

    Take my hand?

    Put on your wedding band

    Show you I can

    Make you secure and stable



    The taste of the food that you cook

    You listen there’s no stressing

    Matching personalities

    What a blessing

    Meet me at the altar girl

    Let’s profess this

    Spending my life with you

    I love and adore you

    If I may with your first name

    Here’s my last name




  • 04:51 Story Lyrics Talk to Me


    Verse 1

    We start off good, fresh and new

    So fun to do

    I’m so into you

    But time moves on

    Things start to change

    Have we got to this place?

    Misunderstood space

    Communication falls, it almost dissolved

    Our love now stalls

    Cause we fail to talk



    Talk to me

    So hard for us to explain things out

    Understand one another

    If we talk about

    The things on your mind

    No holding back

    It’s keeping us form going forward

    So please


    Verse 2

    I’d rather see you with a smile

    Though it’s been a while

    That’s not your style

    If you always hold things in

    How can I win?

    I loose my friend

    Communication falls, it almost dissolved

    Our love now stalls

    Cause we fail to talk





    High expectations

    That you ask of me

    I always said that you would be

    My queen

    My actions show how things

    Ought to be

    Promise to only be with you


    You can feel free



  • 04:06 Story Miss Communication
At Ease- After deciding to record my project I mentioned the concept to people. I told them that the concept would introduce me as an artist and also show my easy-going demeanor that most say that I show. My trusted friends told me that I had to stretch my range and show soul otherwise nobody would like it. I did the opposite and as a result they liked it. My fears about producing a CD …
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